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A company devoted to the transformation and injection of plastics that provides quality global solutions to its customers flexibly adapting to their needs and the market’s while creating, developing and implementing creative, practical and competitive projects.



We keep on being a benchmark company in the sector of the transformation and injection of plastics, with continuous growth based on the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.



Customer-driven orientation, proximity and flexibility. We focus on the customer’s satisfaction, providing effective, competitive, innovative, creative, flexible and quality solutions.

Motivation and enthusiasm. . We guarantee opportunities for growth based on merit and professional contribution, and we do so by working together and promoting every member’s participation in order to achieve our common goal: the project’s success.

Ethics.. We act professionally, with moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people. We commit ourselves to providing health and safety at work, committing to an active promotion of a safety modus operandi based on awareness and adapting our corporate strategies for preserving the environment.

Ongoing improvement. . We promote the improvement from manufacturing process of our customers’ products, in order to achieve the best quality possible, from a profitability and product standards’ point of view.

Profitability.. With a result-oriented mind, we drive our actions towards the achievement of the goals in our own and our customers’ business plan.


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