Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid (+34) 918 86 06 85


Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid


(+34) 918 86 06 85



Automatic and manual

Assembly of sets

We work with many different types of assemblies. From assemblies which can be automated because of the volumes involved, to manual assembly which we perform in our two lines, which can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of configurations. With our own products and with customer products. A flexible line for assembly of final products.

We carry out specialised assembly for our clients for components injection-moulded by ourselves, as well as components manufactured by third parties. These are sets which generally involve instructions, packaging, and testing of the components concerned.


We work with different types of printing for decorating every type of format. We have lines for SERIGRAPHY (screen-printing), THERMAL PRINTING and TAMPO PRINTING.