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Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid


(+34) 918 86 06 85



Extrusion and injection moulding


Plastic extrusion

Extrusion of plastic sections on demand, according to customer requirements. We are specialists in the manufacture of plastic sections, and the qualities that make us stand out are our flexibility, versatility, attention to detail, and the rigour of our production techniques – this reputation has been built over our more than 40 years in the plastics industry. We have two extrusion lines, and one with a corrugated tube.

Extrusion process

The extrusion process consists of polymer material being passed, at pressure, and being formed by a nozzle in order to obtain a continuous product. In our case, we make oxygen tubes, for assembling into goggles or nasal cannulas.


Injection moulding of plastics

We have a whole array of injectors made by well-known global manufacturers, with a capacity of 15 - 300 tons, including micro injection. Our equipment, complemented by robots, includes standard injection moulding machinery, as well as specialised and advanced injection moulding processes. We have a clean room for production according to the strict, rigorous and stringent requirements of our customers in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Injection moulding process

This process consists of melting a polymer in a mould at a certain temperature to give it the form required. We inject many different materials (PVC, PP, PE, ABS, etc.) depending on the nature or requirements of the part.


Equipment and facilities

Our professional equipment and facilities benefit from high production capacity, which allows us to carry out customer consultations and design sections and parts with high levels of functionality, at a competitive cost in a global market which has extremely high standards.

Our people team is oriented towards the needs of our customers, with ongoing development of processes across every department. We are committed to doing business with integrity and honesty, and according to our principles.



In our engineering processes, we are specialists in the production of many different types of plastics, and we use every type of design technology to manufacture practically any type of section or part.

Class D

Clean room

At Metalgar we have an extensive Class D clean room, and are pioneers in this, with specialised injection-moulding machinery. The clean room is a pressurised environment, where the concentration of specific particles in the air is controlled. Its construction and use are designed so that the number of particles introduced or generated, and existent in the interior of the room, conforms to the standard classification and, furthermore, other parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and air renewal can be controlled. With this, we can manufacture parts in a controlled environment, which is a mandatory requirement for manufacturing sterile and other parts for the pharmaceutical, medical or food industries.

EThe room is certified as:

  • ISO Class 8 / ISO 14644-1
  • Type D / GMPs

  • Control of particles

    Control of particles in the air.

    Standard classification

    Number of particles introduced or generated and existent.

    Control of parameters

    Temperature, humidity, pressure and air renewal.