Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid (+34) 918 86 06 85


Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid


(+34) 918 86 06 85



We have gained a wide range of certifications:

Determines our work capacity according to established procedures.

Certification relating to the environment.

This certification attests to compliance and carrying out of the quality management requirements for businesses working in the health product sector. In our case, it certifies the suitability of our manufacturing and assembly processes for health and other similar products.

We also have a previous licence for operation of an installation for health products which allows us to manufacture health products.

CE Mark for Class 1 health products with measuring function. This certification mandates us to be aware of the applicable legislation, to provide and maintain the installations in accordance with the standards, as well as to apply quality management systems.

We are currently working on the implementation of the BRC standards for packaging materials. This will allow us to grow our presence in the food sector, through being able to manufacture products which come into direct contact with foodstuffs.