Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid (+34) 918 86 06 85


Calle Hermes, 37, 28880 Meco, Madrid


(+34) 918 86 06 85



Storage facilities in Madrid

Specialised logistics services including reception, identification and storage, picking operations, preparation of orders with batch control, and traceability of assets and dispatch. Complete with all required security systems designed for customers’ peace of mind – traceability, surveillance, fire detection and merchandise insurance. Within our range of services, we offer wrapping/packaging, assembly, and putting together of sets.

Logistics service

Our logistics service includes storage service, picking and preparation of orders, batch control, identification and traceability of assets – for bulk quantities as well as for smaller deliveries.

Ideal partner

We are the ideal partner for any company who, whether in the hospital supplies or other sector, has service requirements for stringent monitoring and traceability, or extensive capillarisation in its deliveries, necessitating a high level of specialised services.

Strategic location

Our strategic location near the A2, R2 and M50 means that we are situated in an extremely advantageous logistical hub, within a few minutes access to the international airport in Madrid, and with road entry, departure and transfer facilities, right in the heart of Spain.